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Size Matters for Online Ads

For any publisher, online and mobile are rapidly gaining on their print magazine counterparts in terms of significance. The Internet already accounts for 41 percent of people’s media consumption, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA), and that will only continue to grow. And advertising has become a big part of the overall online experience.

Creating a Lead-Gen Engine

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One of the hottest topics in the industry right now is lead generation. Certainly not a new practice, publishers are ramping up their efforts to capture even more information about their readers to turn that data into advertiser gold.

Telemarketing’s Staying Power

Magazine telemarketing has been riding a rollercoaster lately. It fell out of favor for a while with the advent of cheap e-mail only to land back on the top of the circulator’s short list when e-mail didn’t deliver the desired results.

The New Supercharged Database

The game is changing from push to pull marketing and the smart publishers are the ones capitalizing on this movement; meeting readers in all of their different chosen venues and even anticipating their next moves. And with mail lists declining, targeting the most profitable customer has never been more important.

The Stand-out E-mail

You’ve got mail. Lots of it. It’s hard enough being a consumer and wading through the daily gauntlet of new e-mails. But if you’re an e-marketer, you’ve got an even more daunting task—turning that e-mail into a relationship.

Desperately Seeking Subscribers

Given the downward Economic spiral and dwindling ad dollars, subscriptions could prove more valuable than ever next year. FOLIO: asked around the industry to see which marketing tactics publishers will employ to bring in new readers.

The Good List

Everyone’s after a good list. And while there are plenty of marketing lists available today—for multiple channels—the really good ones are hard to come by. Here, Folio: expands on sister publication Circulation Management’s recent List of the Year feature to highlight the necessary components for a winning list.

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