Articles by JC Suares

State of the Art of the Newsstand

If you're in the business of creating, recreating, designing or, God forbid, rescuing magazines on life support, you need to know what the state of the art is at this point.You don't have to look very far. The dozen or so titles that define the latest details in packaging are on your newsstand.

The 10 Dumbest Things I’ve Heard This Year

When you deal with a lot of people, along with the brilliant stuff comes very dumb stuff as well. Inexperienced voices should be forgiven but when the big and powerful make appalling statements you have to ask yourself how they ever got their jobs.Here are some of the ones that have left me most incredulous.10. “CRYPTIC HEADLINES DRIVE SALES.”

Grading the Tina Brown Newsweek

For all the fuss that Newsweek is chaperoning a new era in journalism with the print and online versions soldered together, Newsweek, in fact, is a throwback to another century.