Articles by Chandra Johnson-Greene

Optimizing Your Database for Lead-Gen

Having a centralized database can give you the ultimate view of what print products your customers are gravitating towards, what events they’re attending, what whitepapers they’re downloading, and how often they’re visiting your Web site. While all of this information comes in handy for internal marketing purposes, it becomes even more valuable when starting a lead-gen operation.

Wal-Mart Sends Magazines to Back of Store

In January, Wal-Mart began a significant remodeling program called "Project Impact" that, among other things, will shift magazines to the back of stores. About 650 stores nationwide—500 existing and 150 scheduled to open this year—are adopting the new floor-plan.

Must-Have Reader Features

As digital magazine technology continues to evolve, so does reader expectation. Features that might not have been considered essential to subscribers a year or two ago are considered a “must-have” now, and publishers should be prepared to comply.

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