Articles by Chandra Johnson-Greene

The Benefits of Behavioral Data

An integrated database can help companies streamline their customers’ experience, uncover new product opportunities and be the catalyst for a successful lead generation program. But most importantly, it can give publishers a chance to highly target their customers based on their preferences. In order to do so, however, the right behavioral data needs to be collected and organized.

Paid Consumer Circ Continues Decline

Consumer magazine circulation, as tracked by ABC’s latest FAS-FAX report released Monday, continued its decline. The report shows that overall paid subscriptions for the second-half of 2009 were down slightly by 2.23 percent.

Paid Subs Are Up for Women’s Titles

According to estimated figures provided by publishers to ABC’s Rapid Report, the women’s category saw meaningful improvement in paid subscriptions during the second half of 2009, while total paid and verified circ remained relatively stable.

The State of Brand Auditing

In recent years, auditing bureaus ABC and BPA Worldwide have been working to offer ways in which members can offer advertisers more complete views of their brands. ABC introduced its Multimedia Publisher’s Statement for consumer magazines in 2008 and b-to-b magazines in 2009, while BPA introduced its Brand Reach Audit last year.

Magazine Paper: The Outlook for 2010 and Beyond

While 2008 and 2009 saw a significant drop in paper pricing, there are a lot of underlying factors that could reverse the trend in 2010, including paper manufacturers decreasing their production, changes to the tax credits the paper industry receives and the rising demand for paper as the econo

Capturing Highly Targeted Leads

In March, Canon Communications launched, a site for the medical device industry. One of the popular features is the supplier directory, where users are able to contact any of the 14,000 suppliers. However, suppliers wanted to see more qualified users.

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