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Six Things You Should Know About e-Publishing

Since the days of Gutenberg, mass distribution of the written word has been used to inform, educate, entertain, and enlighten the world. With the advent of technology, a new dimension has emerged in the form of E-publishing. Zmags - the global leader in simplified e-publishing solutions, examines the concept of e-publishing and virtual publications and discusses the seven key steps to remember as you implement this new medium to reach, track, expand and retain your audience.

Digital Consumer Engagement Ten Ways to Target Adoption and Response

Over the past eight years, Zinio has been capturing data and tracking trends regarding the influential tactics required to woo a digital consumer. The Zinio data has provided insights and details regarding engagement levels, attention to advertisements, and even those sections in which readers are more likely to zoom while reading a publication. We have identified 10 key areas required to drive continued growth and adoption of digital publications, in a way that allows and encourages publishers to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing consumer engagement.

Two Ways to Immediately Lift Response and Profitability

Today’s direct marketer is battered with challenges from every side. Costs are climbing faster than they have in the past 25 years, the economy is contracting, and spending by both business and consumers is down. Compound this with the ever increasing complexities of the new multichannel world we live in and it is no wonder many companies are struggling to grow. Here are two ways to change that.

Accelerate Digital Initiatives: DAD, Custom Publishing and Vertical Content Delivery Quick Start Packages

Accelerate your digital initiatives with three Quick Start packages from Mark Logic: Digital Asset Distribution, Custom Publishing, and Vertical Content Delivery. These packages are a combination of software license, maintenance and services. Our customer solution experts will use our specific project methodology and toolset to deliver a fully-functional, turnkey application.

Internet Publishing Wars

If the Internet is all about content, magazine publishers should logically have had a head start on everyone else in the race to online success. In fact, many have found themselves lost. The Internet has become a great equalizer, and by eliminating the need for buildings, presses, trucks, and, in some cases even experienced writers, it has turned Internet “publishing” into a free-fire zone. This white paper, “Arming for the Internet Publishing Wars”, presents a model for successful Internet Publishing.

Magazine Mailing Trends

Getting into the co-mailing game. Learning the lay of the land before you make your move.

Outsourcing Magazine Production and Digital Data Conversion to India

Cadmus Communications and Folio: present a report on the opportunities available for outsourcing two of magazine publishing's most labor-intensive operations.

Digital Magazine Trend Watch

Texterity and Folio: present an authoritative report on emerging opportunities in the digital magazine space.


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