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Optimizing Your Printer Services

For most publishers print is still, by far, the biggest source of revenue. In this whitepaper, three publishers share how their partnerships with Fry Communications have opened up new opportunities for their magazines.

Driving Engagement and Revenue with Digital Audio Content.

Learn how publishers are using online audio content to drive engagement and increase incremental revenue in this new white paper from Folio: and min, in conjunction with Cinchcast. This paper features strategies and best practices for enhancing your digital content experience with audio and includes a case study on how UBM driving revenue and engagement with interactive audio content.

Social Media And Publishers: A Business Case

When it comes to the social media/networking phenomenon, consumer and business magazines—and the advertisers and sponsors they serve—are faced with some tough decisions.Ignoring social media, or reducing it to an afterthought, sacrifices the opportunity to reach millions.

Innovative Idea for Monetizing Your Publishing Assets

As the media business reinvents itself to adjust to new trends in media consumption, publishers must consider fresh ideas and best practices for generating revenue in order to succeed in the new digital environment.

Seven Things You Should Know About Digital Publishing

Read this new digital publishing whitepaper and learn how digital collateral will allow you to lower costs, lessen print waste, and increase revenue.

Media Websites: Improving Your Readers’ Experience To Improve Your Bottom Line

The biggest challenge for online media is delivering a distinctive site. You need compelling content, an engaging user experience AND quick, innovative launches to keep your site dynamic. The challenge is exacerbated by competing sites, the ease of reader switching, and the need to reduce operations costs. Today a new generation of technologies can accelerate the development of information-rich content. This white paper, sponsored by Attivio, explains how you can deliver a compelling media website using a new breed of technologies that let you incorporate experiences that readers want, offering multimedia, personalization, community, user-generated content, and more.

Building A Timeline For Marketing Success – It’s all about the plan

Whether launching a special calendar, an event, a new magazine section or online presence , it’s near impossible to be effective without knowing what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to. A well developed and executed marketing timeline is the key to success in today’s market, where publishers need to do more with fewer resources and deliver bigger results.

Content Trendwatch - Blueprint for Reprint Success

You can add significant dollars to your business on both the top line and bottom lines, without major investment and without adding a lot of staff. Depending on the scale of your overall business, that top-line bump can run into the millions. We’re talking about the high-profit margin of reprints, which in some cases can be as much as 65 percent profit. A committed and creative approach to repurposing content through reprint sales can add to your revenue while simultaneously expanding the reach of your brand.


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