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Big Data Meets Big Content – Driving Customer Engagement & Personalization

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 2:00pm - Watch Now

In the digital age, people are accustomed to shifting between their laptops, smart phones and tablets as necessary.  They are never offline as they shop, eat and travel, sharing their experiences frequently throughout the day.  They have limitless options to choose from and are quick to abandon sites that don't offer a highly personalized and dynamic experience that helps them quickly find the specific information they want, and discover other content that interests them. Optimizing your readers' visit requires a strategy that leverages their behavior in order to deliver the right content, at the right time, on the right device.

Not only is it now possible to achieve true online content personalization – increasing traffic and lengthening the time they spend on your site – it’s critical to staying relevant in real time.

Join industry experts Alex Withers and Liz Lufkin as they discuss:

  • What it takes to deliver personalized, dynamic content for an engaging user experience
  • Important new research into large brands in consumer publishing, entertainment and digital media that shows which online experiences drive growth and which thwart it
  • How combining content enrichment, content intelligence and reader analytics creates dynamic and highly-targeted digital engagements
  • New technologies that letyou unify and present all ofyour content, data and related products
  • Why accurate and relevant search, recommendations and dynamic content generation are vital to increasing traffic and site stickiness to fuel revenue growth from advertising and new sponsorship offerings

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Speaker 1:

Liz Lufkin
Digital Media Consultant
Formerly with Yahoo and Trapit, Inc
Liz Lufkin is a longtime journalist and digital media executive who specializes in using technology to create engaging content. She is the former VP for Yahoo’s Home Page content, which Fast Company called “addictive” and “irresistible,” and now consults to a variety of tech and media companies, from startups to portals. Her background includes contributing to the successful development of CORE, Yahoo’s content personalization and optimization system, and serving as Chief Content Officer at Trapit, a personalized discovery engine from the same SRI project that spun off Siri. She has a long track record of reaching and engaging both mass audiences and sought-after segments by combining audience insights, data and technology with editorial know-how. She also has a strong background in video, tablet/mobile, social and SEO. Prior to Yahoo, she was a deputy managing editor at and USA Today. She held the same role at the San Francisco Chronicle, supervising 10 daily and weekly sections and helping to launch Liz was co-chair of the ONA’s sold-out 2009 San Francisco conference, served on the ONA Board of directors 2010-2011 and was also on the Advisory Board of the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Speaker 2:

Alex Withers
General Manager - Digital Business
Alex Withers is the General Manager of Digital Business for Attivio. He oversees all media and ecommerce solutions for the digital marketplace, from dynamic content and product engagement to cutting edge social media intelligence. Previously he was Managing Director of Digital Media for The United States Golf Association (USGA), responsible for all digital platforms, including U.S. Open digital operations. Alex increased the USGA digital reach from 800,000 golf users to over 6 million during his four years with the Association. 
Before the USGA, he was marketing director for ESPN New Media, where he managed the marketing strategy and brand positioning for both and Prior to his work with ESPN, Alex oversaw marketing, digital, and branding initiatives for the Financial Times and Pepsi Cola.


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