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Your Complete Guide to Publication Printers: What They Offer and What You Need

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 2:00pm - Watch Now

Choosing a printer remains your single most important vendor choice, even as media migrates online. In fact, it’s more important than ever in some respects because printers are playing an increasing role in other publishing services, from digital magazines, Web development and apps to database management and online content management systems. But just because the printer offers an array of services doesn’t mean their solutions—including printing your magazine, are the perfect fit. Thankfully, we’ve got some people who have been down the road on this complex analysis, crunched some numbers, learned some hard lessons and come up with some innovative ways of doing business. Two of them will join us in this must-attend Webinar, where we share the secrets for pricing, standards of service, digital add-ons, distribution and at the end of the day, "the right fit," between printer and media company.

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Speaker 1:

Bill Amstutz
VP, Corporate Director of Publishing Operations and Strategic Planning
NewBay Media
Bill Amstutz currently serves as VP, Corporate Director of Publishing Operations and Strategic Planning at NewBay Media, LLC. He is responsible for NewBay's mission critical operations including manufacturing, production and distribution. He also directs all efforts related to strategic opportunities, new business development, CRM and customer data, and acquisition planning and integration. NewBay Media is an integrated media company with more than 40 leading vertical brands. NewBay reaches professionals and enthusiasts in print, online, and in person with established, award-winning brands such as Guitar Player, Broadcasting & Cable, Systems Contractor News, Digital Video, and Technology & Learning.In the past 20 years, Bill has led media operations teams in significant strategy and operational initiatives. In 2011 Bill has helped launch mobile and iPad apps, curated-content newsletters, Groupon-like product offerings, job boards, and paid content web sites. In addition he has led the redesigns of Electronic Musician and Keyboard magazines.

Speaker 2:

Susan Beale
Director of Demand Planning and Manufacturing
F+W Media
Susan Beale brings more than 20 years experience in print manufacturing, custom publishing, and expertise in production and cost-savings techniques to F+W Media. She is responsible for the print manufacturing of 600 new book titles and 600 reprints annually, inventory and demand planning for 4000+ title backlist, and plays a key role in the Company's growing digital content business and print-on-demand strategy.


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