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Applying New Technologies to Improve Your Multimedia Marketing

Thursday, June 4, 2009 - 2:00pm - Click here to view webinar

Publishing has evolved into a multi-media enterprise, encompassing a growing number of content distribution channels and a diverse set of revenue generating activities. The challenge is to actively engage audiences across each of the diverse channels and drive revenue from these activities.

Executing on this effectively is far more difficult than knowing you need to do it. Media companies need deeper audience relationships and the ability to rapidly monetize those relationships in the most efficient manner. This requires: centralized and actionable audience data; accelerated content and offer testing cycle times and dramatically improved staff productivity. These can only be achieved by application of powerful new technologies.

A new generation of audience-management solutions is available to provide publishers with alternatives to legacy systems and vendors, offering greater publisher and user simplicity and control. This will enable broadening and diversifying channels and revenue generating activities, helping publishers establish a broad financial foundation, and positioning them for profitability and growth.

In this Webinar, we offer a look at the characteristics of these emerging systems, and how you can leverage them to gain control and increase revenue!

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