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Agile Content Networks: Improving the User Experience for Online Media

Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 2:00pm - Click here to view webinar

Perhaps the biggest challenge for online media is delivering a site that is so distinctive and rich in content and functionality that it becomes the primary destination for your target audience. You need compelling content, an engaging user experience AND quick, innovative launches so your site stands out and attracts the maximum number of loyal readers, who are valuable prospects for your advertisers. If you haven’t yet embraced the latest dynamic, information-rich, interactive capabilities on your website, you may be missing your goals by under-serving the needs of both your site visitors and your advertisers. Join us for an interactive discussion on strategies to seamlessly develop a large array of special-purpose channels and microsites – and simultaneously offer a vastly improved experience for your readers.

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Click here to view webinar

Speaker 1:

Jack Berkowitz
Technology Analyst

Jack Berkowitz is a well-known technology analyst, specializing in advanced content transformation and online media strategies. In his career, clients have included the Financial Times, Oracle, Boeing, Cisco and Liberation newspaper. Previously, he was a senior vice president in the Digital Publishing Group at Fox Interactive Media. Jack was also VP of Product Development at Siderean Software; VP of Strategic Alliances at Cerebra; VP of Product Operations at Reef Software; and CTO at edapta.

Speaker 2:

Tom Smith
Vice President, Web Analytics
TechWeb's InformationWeek Business Technology Network
Tom Smith is vice president, web analytics for TechWeb's InformationWeek Business Technology Network. He began to oversee web analytics in 2007, after years in the editorial function, including being editor in chief of InformationWeek and director of advanced content development. His current functions include driving web analytics throughout the organization as well as evaluating and deploying customer-facing systems.

Speaker 3:

Sid Probstein
Chief Technology Officer
Sid Probstein is Chief Technology Officer at Attivio, responsible for technology strategy and innovation. Sid has more than 15 years experience leading successful engineering organizations and building complex, high-performance systems. Previously, he was CTO at GCi, where he headed up development of the company’s advanced commerce platform. He also served as Vice President of Technology at Fast Search & Transfer; VP, Engineering at Northern Light Technology; Director of Software Engineering at Freemark Communications; and Principal Architect/System Manager at John Hancock Financial Services.


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