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FOLIO: Video Q+A: Michael Brito, social media strategist, Intel Corp.

FOLIO: Show Virtual keynoter Michael Brito talks about how to incorporate social media functionality into content sites in order to drive engagement and visitors, as well as spark interaction.

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ABA Journal's 'Legal Rebels' Tour

Publisher and editor Edward Adams on the association magazine's four-month program, which includes a two-week mobile road tour from Boston to Washington D.C.

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VIDEO: Creating Community

A FOLIO: roundtable with eight of the industry's leaders in social media on the shift to community—and how to monetize it.

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Interview: Luke Hayman

One of the magazine industry’s most respected designers on the best and worst design trends.

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FOLIO: Show 2008

Highlights of keynotes, breakout sessions and the exhibit hall from the 2008 FOLIO: Show in Chicago.

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Ex-Industry Standard Editor on Latest Venture

In a luncheon keynote at the 2008 Circulation Management Conference in Chicago, Jonathan Weber, founder, publisher and CEO of Montana-based, and former editor-in-chief of The Industry Standard, outlined how he built a regional network of Web sites, and why its success will be driven by editorial appeal.

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Access Intelligence CEO: Why Audience is King

In a keynote at the 2008 Circulation Management Conference in Chicago, Access Intelligence CEO Don Pazour explained that, especially in the b-to-b space, audience relevance and growth is the key metric for success—more so even, than content or commerce.

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FOLIO: Video Q+A: Todd Kotlarek, GM, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

From the 2008 CM Show: Todd Kotlarek offers his take on the Circulation Management Conference and Expo and the growing importance of “hyper niche” and “hyper local” content.

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FOLIO: Video Q+A: Sylvia Sierra, Access Intelligence

From the 2008 CM Show: Sylvia Sierra, SVP, corporate audience development at Access Intelligence, discusses the wide range of cutting-edge audience development responsibilities and how publishers should view their growing product portfolios.

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FOLIO: Video Q+A: Rick Alovis, president of Ark TeleServices

From the 2008 CM Show: Rick Alovis chats with Red 7 Media GM Tony Silber and gives his perspective on the Circulation Management Conference and Expo, his key takeaways, and impact of e-media on all things circulation.

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