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FOLIO: is a multi-channel resource for the magazine and online media industry. Our primary mission is to use print, digital media and events to help media companies solve business challenges. Our audience includes publishing professionals from all sectors of the magazine industry, including those in b-to-b, consumer, association, and city and regional.

Tony Silber [1] is general manager of Folio:, Min, Expo, PR News and Audience Development. He has managed Folio: and related media brands for more than a decade. He took over Expo in 2010, Min in 2011, and assumed editorial responsibility for PR News in 2013. Silber in 2003 launched M10, the executive-level magazine and information service for the magazine industry.

Bill Mickey [2] is the editorial director of Folio: and Audience Development. Bill joined Folio: in 2004 and has held a variety of positions, including senior editor for Folio:, and managing the transformation of Circulation Management to Audience Development. He became executive editor of that publication and Web site, and served as executive editor of Expo magazine, before taking over Folio:.

Michael Rondon [4] is a senior editor with Folio:, covering media management and the intersection of print and digital publishing. Before joining Folio:, Michael was a reporter with The Hartford Courant.

Caysey Welton [5] is associate editor at Folio: Magazine and PR News. He spent more than a decade as a chef and restaurant professional before switching tracks to pursue his passion for media and communications. Caysey has a deep interest in converging media landscapes and ecosystem disruptors, and holds a BS in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University.

For editorial questions please contact Bill Mickey at [6].

For general questions please contact Danielle Sikes at [7].

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