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You are invited to partner with FOLIO: in 2014 on many of the high-caliber programs that serve the media and magazine industries. FOLIO: is the only brand that serves the entire magazine publishing industry. It is a multi-channel source, using print, online and face-to-face delivery to bring actionable information to the publishing community. FOLIO: offers limited sponsorship opportunities online and in-person, so please reserve your space early. Consider these outstanding lead generation, branding and business building opportunities.

For rate information and to book your program, contact Tania Babiuk, senior account executive of FOLIO: at [1]; 203-899-8498. [2].


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Full Page
$6585 $6255 $5925
2/3 Vertical $5925 $5630 $5335
1/2 Island
$5250 $4990 $4725
1/2 Horizontal $5250 $4990 $4725
1/2 Vertical
$4140 $3935 $3725

For custom packages and pricing, contact Tania Babiuk at [3]; 203-899-8498. 

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THE ALERT [7] Newsletter/Rates per Issue


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230 Characters $950  Text Ad
140 Characters
     Week In Review/
Rates per Issue

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$590 [8]; 203-899-8498. 


For press inquiries please contact Editorial Director, Bill Mickey at [9] or Marketing Manager, Danielle Sikes at [10]. 

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