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Digital magazines are proliferating, and as they do, the way people use them and view them is changing as well. From PDFs to browser-based, from tech-focused markets to social media: it’s only the beginning. Tune in for a complete look at the past, present and future of digital magazines.

We look at best practices in sales, circulation, promotion, editorial and business development in the most entrepreneurial of all the industry’s sectors.

Service. Stewardship. Success. Your subscribers, members, advertisers and sponsors look to you to help them succeed and ARGI has the tools that can help your enterprise meet their goals. Join us as we discuss tools and best practices.

Learn how publishers-both b-to-b and consumer-have developed a successful social media network that draws both reader interest and sponsor participation both online and in print.

Fostereprints and Folio: present a comprehensive analysis of what outsourcing jobs, including reprints, can best lead to higher profit margins and long term growth. As the result of years of downsizing and reorganizing, many publishers have found it no longer feasible to do some jobs in-house. But how should publishers decide what to outsource?

Fostereprints and Folio: present a comprehensive report on how print fits in the new world of e-mail and online marketing. It is still significant to augment online exposure with print. This white paper explores the fit. What are a publication's priorities in marketing? How do you maximize the power of print against the efficiency of online venues?

EFI and Folio: present an analysis of how a robust mapping and layout application can save your production department time and money. Learn how a multiplatform and feature-rich storyboarding process compiles, tracks and retains critical placement information and eliminates bottlenecks.

Texterity and Folio: present an authoritative report on emerging opportunities in the digital magazine space. Learn about the benefits digital technology has to offer, how it will generate ROI and what to expect from digital publishing. Plus: Highlights from the BPA-Worldwide certified digital magazine reader survey and the five digital services that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Cadmus Communications and Folio: present a report on the opportunities available for outsourcing two of magazine publishing's most labor-intensive operations:

Production and XML data conversion. Learn about services that b-to-b publishers are already taking advantage of through a vast, experienced, and professional labor pool in India.

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