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Reader’s Digest Stories Go Digital

Reader’s Digest is the first magazine to provide content for CONNECT, Sony’s e-book store, with two short story collections culled from its magazine content. ...More

Improving Publishers' Archiving Capabilities

Olive Software launches ViewPoint 2.0. ...More

CMP Web Site 'Investigating the Future of the Internet'

“ThinkerNet” site combines original and user-generated content. ...More

The Must-Have Skills You Didn’t Know You Needed Yet

The magazine industry is in perpetual transition, with new technologies and business opportunities around every corner. Those who can adapt quickly can position themselves better for future success. But what skills will be important three to five years from now? ...More

Publishing Technology Wire | 10.02.07

Time Inc. Switches Publishing Software Systems, CNN Money Ramps up Video Offerings to Keep up with Competition, Texterity Patents New Digital Magazine Formatting System, Playboy Pushes Free Content, Downs Paid Circ by 13%... ...More

Jumping Platforms

The popular thinking often is that hiring an executive outside the industry can jump-start a stagnant publishing operation and give it the inside track to developing an online business. ...More

Telemarketing’s Place in Today’s Circulation Lineup

For some publishers, telemarketing plays a key role in audience building and maintenance. For others, it is more of a second, third, or fourth-string player. What’s clear is that telemarketing’s current standing in a circulator’s lineup of tools depends on the function it’s expected to perform. ...More

E-Mail Newsletter Insights

According to research performed in September by the Nielsen Norman Group e-mail newsletters are still a highly effective way to maintain customer relationships on the Internet. ...More

Repositioning Print for a Digital World

Today there are new ways to position print based on marketing benefits that have recently emerged. ...More

How to Write a Compelling Refrigerator Story is expected to break the three million paid subscriber benchmark this fall, making it, according the company, the largest subscription-based publication on the Web. ...More

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