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Lead Generation Insights

Reversing the Risk With Lead Generation

By Bill Mickey 11/23/2009

Publishers lately have jumped on the lead-gen bandwagon as a way to supplement declining revenues, but nevertheless still see their primary models as display or brand-driven. One company is using a CPL model to open doors with advertisers, eventually upselling them to brand advertising after a lead-gen track record is established.

"Lead generation is a door-opener," said Noah Anderson, CEO of Family Marketing, which produces, a...more

Moving From Lead Gen to Lead Nurturing.

By Matt Kinsman 10/30/2009

As publishers develop more sophisticated lead strategies, they’re shifting from lead generation—capturing basic contact and demographic information about potential customers—to lead nurturing, which is more about developing consistent communication with a prospect to help prepare them for an actual purchase.

Business marketing blog offers suggestions for lead nurturing practices including triggered e-mails—a series of e-mails that build off each other by offering relevant content or product demonstrations...more

Publisher Turned Vendor: Summit Offers Lead Gen Solutions

By Matt Kinsman 10/30/2009

Publishers are scrambling to figure out lead generation and one of their peers is offering to help. Summit Publishing has spun off a new company called Mediadroit that offers a service called LeadWise which is designed to generate leads across a variety of ad formats, sizes, positions and technologies.

Summit e-media vice president Dave Newcorn and sales/training vice president Jim Chrzan are overseeing Mediadroit. The difference with LeadWise, according to Newcorn,...more

Optimizing Your Database for Lead-Gen

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 09/23/2009

Having a centralized database can give you the ultimate view of what print products your customers are gravitating towards, what events they’re attending, what whitepapers they’re downloading, and how often they’re visiting your Web site. While all of this information comes in handy for internal marketing purposes, it becomes even more valuable when starting a lead-gen operation.

But what customer information is critical for creating a fully realized lead? And...more

Moderating Lead Burnout

By Bill Mickey 09/23/2009

B-to-b construction and real estate publisher Hanley-Wood, often considered one of the more creative media companies in generating new revenue strategies, is on the cusp of significantly building out its lead-generation operation. With that expansion, and the marketing acceleration that comes with it, is some concern over protecting response rates.

While the company has always been deeply involved in more traditional lead generation tactics—third-party email rentals through a list broker, for...more

Scoring Leads

By Matt Kinsman 09/23/2009

As publishers evolve from pure lead generation to “lead nuturing,” they need to develop ways to “score” leads, or identify how valuable the lead is to the client, including demographics such as company size, job title or even how ready they are to buy.

“Internally, we would like to see leads as more than just contact information,” said Maurice Bakley, COO of FierceMarkets, which sees 10 percent to 20 percent...more

How Content Impacts Lead Gen

By Vanessa Voltolina 09/23/2009

As lead generation continues to be a hot topic for advertisers, publishers have become increasingly conscious of upping efforts to produce cross-platform content for driving potential leads at different stages of the buying process. And while experimenting with platforms can lead to beneficial discoveries about readership, the keys to success continue to lie in quality content and feedback on reader engagement.

In many cases there is no rhyme or reason...more


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