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Lead Generation Insights

Exhibition Industry Continues Upward Trend

By Bill Mickey 02/10/2011

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released fourth quarter 2010 results of its annual Index report today, and the numbers continue to trend upward. As in the previous quarter, all four metrics of measurement-net square feet, revenue, attendance and exhibiting companies-were up over same period 2009. Overall performance was up 4.1 percent.

In fourth quarter 2010, net square feet increased 5.6 percent over same period 2009. Revenue was 4.2 percent...more

Knowing More About Your Paid Content Users

By Bill Mickey 12/15/2010

Elsevier Business Intelligence, a biopharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health publishing group within Elsevier, recently began taking a more proactive approach to tracking and analyzing how its customers interact with its online paid content. A new analytics package called Outsell Scout Analytics offered through Outsell Inc. has enabled the group to quickly produce reports that have, within the first few months of use, identified opportunities to add new interface...more

Study: Branded Content Remains Strong as Marketers Shift Money Into Custom Media

By Tony Silber 11/30/2010

Spending on branded content, or custom publishing, is at its second-highest level ever, at an average of $1.3 million per marketer, and nearly 100 percent over spending levels from 2008, according to a study from the Custom Content Council in conjunction with the newsletter ContentWise.

The study also indicates that many marketers are continuing to shift their money to branded content and at the same time, increase their spending. "This is...more

On Demand Data

By Matt Kinsman 10/06/2010

Publishers are clamoring for audience data that they can fine-tune for their own marketing efforts, and use to woo advertisers. However, data remains an essential part of editorial projects as well, and publishers often struggle with a lack of time and resources when it comes to collecting market research.

Easy Analytic Software, Inc. (EASI) is no stranger to the publishing industry, having started in 1995 by CEO Bob Katz, a veteran...more

InXpo Launches Social Media Suite

By Matt Kinsman 05/05/2010

Virtual event platform InXpo has introduced the InXpo Social Suite, a package of social media tools and interactive games (such as Trivia Challenge and Word Scramble) that offer attendees social media functionality without having to leave the virtual event environment.

The package includes Twitter functionality that enables attendees to view and respond to all tweets associated with a hashtag attached to a sponsor, exhibitor...more

Lead-Gen Skills Development for 2010

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 01/14/2010

One of the buzz phrases for magazine publishers in 2009 going into 2010 has been lead generation, especially during these times of pinched advertising budgets. At many companies, the responsibility of launching lead-gen programs has fallen into the laps of audience developers—after all, lead-gen is all about audience marketing.

“I’ve been surprised and pleased to discover that all of the tools needed to generate a successful lead generation program are tools...more

Beyond the Whitepaper

By Bill Mickey 12/17/2009

In lead-generation programs, whitepapers have been the perennial go-to content source for hooking basic leads. Yet publishers are in a better position than they might realize to produce any number of one-off and custom projects that collect a full range of leads‚ from preliminary to sales-ready.

At tech media company Ziff Davis Enterprise, lead generation content ranges from the basic whitepaper to e-seminars to fully interactive, Web-based tools—even a...more

Capturing Highly-Targeted Leads

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 12/17/2009

Perhaps the most important step in operating a successful lead-gen program is making sure that the leads are indeed qualified for the advertisers that will be contacting them. Most publishers have a basic registration form set-up for customers to fill out if they want to download a whitepaper or access a Webinar. But with the demand for highly-targeted leads rising, publishers have to take that process a bit deeper.

Managing Client Expectations About Lead-Gen

By Matt Kinsman 12/17/2009

In recent years, publisher FierceMarkets has seen lead-gen grow by 10 percent to 20 percent of its overall monthly revenue. “We can define leads any way clients want—name title, demographic, info such as number of employees, further clarification of role, and the asset they interacted with,” says COO Maurice Bakley.

But FierceMarkets quickly learned that it needed to educate clients on the business of leads and manage their...more

Effectively Marketing Lead Offers

By Vanessa Voltolina 12/17/2009

Just as it’s essential for publishers to have a solid plan of attack when it comes to their business plan, it’s equally as important for them to strategize different lead offers to target diverse readership. Regardless of the offer, publishers should have plans for how to best serve up and promote products simultaneously across platforms.

For Next Step Magazine, a 15-year-old title helping teens with college planning, marketing lead-...more

From Zero to 60 With Lead Gen

By Matt Kinsman 11/23/2009

Like most publishers, Reed Business Information offered little in the way of lead generation a few years ago. Today, lead gen accounts for one-third of RBI’s total online revenue and is included in up to 90 percent of the publisher’s online products.

 “When we created RBI Interactive in 2006 one of our top priorities was to focus on capturing revenue from non-advertising budgets and lead generation was at...more

How Not to Abuse a Lead

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 11/23/2009

When it comes to running a successful lead generation program, part of a publisher’s job is to make sure that its most valuable asset—the customers—aren’t being abused by its staff or advertising partners. After all, once a company loses its reputation as a trusted brand, it takes a long time to build it up again.

Craig D. Spiezle, executive director of Online Trust Alliance, gave LGI some...more


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