November 2012

Connecting Print and Mobile

Publishers are literally driving engagement between the print product and digital platforms by linking print magazines directly to smartphones. The idea aims to neutralize the “either-or” aspect of print and mobile and merge the strengths of both.

Clicks and Pageviews Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Online and across various digital products, publishers have long touted their audience volume as the primary success metric—CPM rates are based on these numbers, after all. But engagement and performance metrics are also valued, especially via social media, which can...

The 2012 Eddie and Ozzie Awards Winners

FOLIO:’s Eddie and Ozzie awards competition is the largest of its kind for magazine publishers. It also has the proud distinction of being the only awards event open to magazines and websites of all kinds—consumer, b-to-b, association, custom and regional,...

Is There Too Much Data?

“Yes, we’re stalking you.”That’s how one publisher puts it, referring to the amount of data available via mobile and social platforms, along with an ever-expanding online world.Add those sources to an already-voluminous print database and publishers now have more information...