July 2011

Publishers and E-Commerce: Perfect Together

E-commerce is a big opportunity for publishers. “If you talk to the people at Net-A-Porter or the people at Gilt, they say they’re increasingly commerce companies moving into content and I think what you’re going to find is content companies...

How to Choose and Apply Social Media Tools

Since social media was identified as a relevant tool to the publishing industry, magazine publishers have devoted many resources and an abundance of energy to finding and implementing the best strategies to solidify a presence in the sphere.

Leveraging Clients’ Lack of Knowledge

Publishers have in-depth knowledge of media, both print and digital, and we clearly have the advantage of education over our clients. Because we know more, we should be able to sell more, right?

Automating the Editorial Workflow

Many publishers are moving to leaner editorial staffs while relying on more contributors (some paid, many not) to generate digital content. It may save the publisher a few bucks, but it also puts strain on the editorial team, from editing...

Utne Launches Social Curated Magazine

Utne Reader, a magazine that highlights the best of independent and alternative presses, has launched  Alt Wire, a socially curated digital magazine.

There’s a Tech For That

Publishing technology is a major part of ever issue of FOLIO: but for July we’re giving special emphasis to the role technology is playing in the transformation of publishers into...something else.

New Devices Shake Up Production

It appears that the iPad and similar devices weren’t quite the immediate game-changer some publishers thought they might be, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had an impact on the way publishers and printers alike are producing, packaging and delivering...

Top Tech

As publishers reinvent themselves, their technology demands are changing as well. Here, FOLIO: spoke with seven different publishing executives—representing a range of large and small, consumer and b-to-b, and city and regional companies—about which technologies have had the biggest impact...

2011 City and Regional Magazine Survey

When the mass market magazine industry plunged into recession in 2008, city and regionals were an oasis in the waste land of magazine advertising, thanks in part to a clientele that wasn’t as eager as national advertisers to jump into...

Look Who’s Reading Now:

Ordinary Web analytics have been with us for years. The science and/or art of measuring on-site engagement has become an article of faith for marketing entities worldwide. Arguably, no other medium has more potential for direct feedback on a marketing...

Intelligence is Key for Transforming Lead-Gen Efforts

“Taking the $10 lead and turning it into the $100 lead.” I wish I could take credit for that phrase. But, I’d have to defer to Jason Ward, Edgell’s director of lead generation, for opening my eyes to the concept....