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May 19, 2015
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Forget CPMs, You Should Be Transacting On Time
Publishers weigh in on the FTs cost-per-hour ad pricing model.  MORE »

Praetorian Digital Expands Online Ed Platform with Kaplan Acquisition
In the last two years, online training has grown from less than five percent of overall revenues to a projected 25 percent in 2015.  MORE »

3 Principles to Multi-Platform Publishing
[Sponsored Content] Multi-platform publishing has evolved from a buzzword to a business necessity. The idea is to get similar or related content onto multiple channels in order to reach and appeal to more people. The reasons for it are many, but here are a few.  MORE »

Why Diablo Publications Sold…To Itself
Foregoing a traditional sale for employee ownership.  MORE »

Spend It to Make It
Four media execs explain how a single, major strategic investment took their company to the next level.  MORE »

New Jobs
Assistant Editor, Leader's Edge Magazine - The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers - Washington, DC
Consultant: Sierra Business Development Project - Sierra Club - San Francisco, CA
West Coast Sales Director - Lebhar-Friedman Inc - New York, NY


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