What's Trending in B2B?

Last year, there were 53,620 digital advertisers in B2B media and 61% of those did not buy print. Are you pursuing the right targets? See how you can expand your digital offerings in mobile, video marketing, native and high-CPM ads to drive more revenue.

Programmatic Ad Spend Expected to Increase, But Only for Direct

eMarketer forecasts a decline on the open-exchange in favor of private market places and direct programmatic buys. Read More

Consolidation in the Luxury Magazine Space | Industry Notes

Time Inc. scores big wins for January issues, Snapchat dominates among Gen-Xers, and more... Read More


Case Study with UBM Life Sciences' Francis Heid, VP Media Operations: See how UBM drives revenue and cost savings with Media Services Group’s Élan Ad software.

The Mind Behind ESPN The Magazine’s Bold Design

A Q&A with Chin Wang, creative director for ESPN The Magazine and Read More

Goldmine Reaches Indie Record Stores in New Distribution Deal

F+W's music title looks to gain an alternative audience channel by capitalizing on the vinyl revival. Read More

Identify New Sales Prospects and Potential Big Spenders

Sales experts from HIMSS Media, NewBayMedia, and Northstar Travel Group share their thoughts on growing media sales. Read More

The Hollywood Reporter Grabs Views with an OMG Moment | Behind the Screens

Folio: Looks at Social Media Success. Read More

Inside The Economist’s Plan to Conquer America

CMO Michael Brunt details the 175-year-old magazine's strategy to boost circulation revenue by penetrating a still largely untapped market. Read More

Juggling Workload: The Multibrand Content Creator

A Q&A with Zoë Ruderman and Will Lee, two of Time Inc.'s cross-title editorial gurus. Read More

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