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Maxim Converts to Mag+ for Its Digital Edition

By Stefanie Botelho 08/24/2011

After initial rumors circulated Maxim was no longer available through iTunes, it’s been clarified that Maxim is still available for the iPad, NOOK and Zinio platforms, but has switched support providers.

Maxim’s digital edition was originally designed by mobile publishing and custom app developer Bite Sized Candy. However, the magazine’s digital offering is being re-released this week from Mag+, the app creation platform from...more

Digital Editions Briefs | 7.30.11

By Stefanie Botelho 07/29/2011

The Economist
announces the release of its “World in Figures” app, available for the iPhone and the iPad. Based on the publication’s book of the same name, “World in Figures” provides users with stats and data from 190 countries globally. The app includes several topics (like transport, tourism, commodities and cinema), and a trivia game. The app can be purchased through iTunes for...more

NOOK App Offers Magazines But No In-App Purchases

By TJ Raphael 07/29/2011

Book retailer and magazine newsstand provider more

Digital Edition Briefs | 6.29.11

By Stefanie Botelho and Lindsay Rubin 06/29/2011

Cooking Light launches its first app for the iPad and the iPhone, The Cooking Light Quick & Healthy Menu Maker. Priced at $3.99 and sponsored by SPLENDA, the Quick & Healthy Menu Maker brings the Cooking Light brand to iOS technology with social sharing capabilities, menu-saving options, cooking, shopping and nutrition tips and editor-recommended menus. The Healthy & Quick Menu Maker also features photography...more

Sound + Vision Uses Digital Edition to Expand Editorial

By Stefanie Botelho 06/29/2011

Though many magazines are now in the tablet game, Bonnier’s Sound + Vision is using this opportunity to strengthen content in a way not possible on the printed page.

The former “Home Entertainment Authority” is relaunching with a focus on entertainment devices beyond the home. Debuting in the summer June/July/August issue, expanded editorial features include a new front of book section, “The Shuffle”, which includes reviews...more

VIVMag Offers E-Commerce Options, Customization Through Advertising

By Stefanie Botelho 05/31/2011

VIVMag, a bi-monthly exclusively digital magazine that debuted on the Zinio platform in August 2006, is bringing their advertisements to the next level.

In an attempt to boost purchasing through digital advertising, VIVMag features ads that offer customization of products and links that lead back to purchasing options. Nicholas Pavach, the vice president of custom publishing and advertising at Zinio, says that with VIVMag,...more

Digital Edition Briefs | Publishers Sidle Up to Apple

By Stefanie Botelho 05/31/2011

While some were hesitant to hop on board with Apple after it initially announced its subscription model, more and more publishers are signing up to sell magazines under the software giant’s terms.

Conde Nast announced earlier this month that several of its titles would be available for subscription purchase, with The New Yorker leading the way. Vanity Fair, Glamour, Golf Digest and Allure were...more

Zinio Digital Newsstand Now Available on Android Technology

By Stefanie Botelho 05/31/2011

Zinio, the digital newsstand that has previously been available for Apple iOS users, is now entering the Android market.

Zinio can be downloaded on Android tablets, including the Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad, Acer Iconia Tab a500, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1 and S II, the Dell Streak, the Motorola Atriz, T-Mobile G2x and G-Slate.

To drum up interest from Droid users, when Zinio is downloaded before June 15, users...more

Publishers Reflect and Project On What Makes Customers Come Back to Apps

By Stefanie Botelho 04/29/2011

Whether to create of an app or not was a debate for many publishers last year; this year, it seems almost a necessity. What publishers face now, as most major publications are rapidly discovering, is the obstacle of not only getting users to sample their apps, but become regular users (WIRED’s iPad debut last June generated 100,000+ downloads and eclipsed print sales; in...more

App Roundup: More Publishers Develop For Droid

By Stefanie Botelho 04/29/2011

With the latest slew of magazine apps launched in the past few weeks comes promising news for publishers in the digital space: publications with an Apple app have seen enough success to try their luck in the Android market.

Enter the Droid Apps

In partnership with Zumobi, Parenting Magazine (who launched their Ages & Stages app in the App Store in June 2010,) has developed their...more

ABC Board Changes Advertising Requirement for Digital Magazines

By Bill Mickey 04/20/2011

Recognizing the fluid state of digital magazine publishing, the ABC board of directors has just modified a key requirement for qualifying a “replica” digital edition. Advertising in the print and digital editions no longer needs to be identical.

Up to now, the requirement for digital editions to retain identical content, whether advertising or editorial, was born out of the early days of PDF versions of print magazines. Now, however, as...more

Mobile Content Gets More Personal

By Esther D'Amico 03/30/2011

A father gets into his car, starts the engine, and turns to the back seat where his three year old sits in her car seat. He chooses an app from his phone, hands her the device, and drives. She spends the ride touching the screen - she knows this app -- and the term "audience engagement" takes on new meaning.

That kind of sharing is becoming more common as digital offerings...more


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