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Pricing Digital Editions: Finding the Sweet Spot

By Vanessa Voltolina 08/27/2009

“Experience shows that consumers expect to pay less for digital editions,” wrote LCM Digital Media director Matt Hunter on Folio:’s mediaPRO message board. “As far as they're concerned, there's no print cost, no distribution charges and no retail margins to cover, so it should be cheaper.”

While Hunter may aptly describe the mindset of some digital edition readers, many publishers are finding that the right mix of exclusive content and...more

Must-Have Reader Features

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 08/27/2009

As digital magazine technology continues to evolve, so does reader expectation. Features that might not have been considered essential to subscribers a year or two ago are considered a “must-have” now, and publishers should be prepared to comply. Overall, “must-have” features in digital editions can range from the very simple, such as smooth navigation, to the more complex, such as embedded videos and podcasts. Does your digital magazine’s user interface...more

Finding the Right Format

By Bill Mickey 08/27/2009

Most publishers will unashamedly admit that their initial efforts to produce digital editions were simply to port the print magazine directly to an electronic platform and economically expand distribution.

Now, however, both vendor and publisher are preparing for the next wave of digital magazine formats‚ primarily mobile platforms, but also a general evolution away from a literal translation of a magazine in digital format.

Fundamentals of Format...more

Designing a Reader-Friendly Digital Edition

By Matt Kinsman 08/27/2009

Critics of digital magazines often cite “flat presentation” and small fonts as drawbacks of the medium. It’s also a problem when publishers force in too much rich media that actually detracts from, rather than enhances, the reader experience.

However, there are ways to make the product more engaging. Folio: spoke with several vendors about what tips they share with clients on how to make a reader-friendly digital edition.

Digital Magazines News Wire | 07.29.09

By Jason Fell 07/27/2009

iMirus to Launch ‘Content Extension’ Data Converter
Digital magazine provider iMirus is expected to launch a platform called Content Extension, which will extract text, images, metadata and tagging from publisher’s PDFs and automatically convert the data into a compiled Prism XML file format. The data can then be read by multiple software and hardware platforms, as well as be made available for search indexing.

“The digital edition created for...more

Alternative Revenue Models for Digital Editions

By Bill Mickey 07/27/2009

The obvious strategy for making money off of digital editions is to parallel print models. In other words, support the production and distribution through advertising and subscriptions. Yet, publishers have primarily chosen to offer digital editions as free supplements and advertisers, for the most part, are either still too reticent or are “sold” into them as a value-add with hopes that they’ll eventually clue in to the robust accountability features....more

Tracking Advertising Effectiveness in Digital Editions

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 07/27/2009

Most digital magazines are exact replicas of their print counterparts, but how advertisers view their effectiveness may be quite different. The response to digital magazines can be tracked much more closely and quickly, therefore, publishers should be prepared to supply and interpret the audience response data for their clients.

The metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of ads in digital magazines are less like print and more like the Web—open...more

Establishing the Digital Rate Card

By Matt Kinsman 07/27/2009

Digital editions have been positioned as a value-add for so long that first attempts at developing an advertising rate card can leave publishers at a loss.

Used Boat Watch is a bi-monthly digital edition that draws advertising from both sale listings and after-market suppliers. The magazine teamed with Boat U.S., the official publication of the Boat Owners Association, for access to its enormous e-mail list. At first, founder Ed McNew...more

Convincing Advertisers to Take the Plunge

By Vanessa Voltolina 07/27/2009

Pitching advertisers is never easy, particularly now. But as digital edition providers ramp up their offerings and advertisers see brand extension potential through online assets, publishers may find that digital editions can be sold as part of an integrated package or as a standalone. The trick, of course, is getting advertisers to take the digital edition plunge—and see results.

As one of FOLIO:'s mediaPRO members aptly commented: “The
compelling sales point...more


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