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Producing Content for Tablets and Apps

By Bill Mickey 01/29/2010

The growing swell of e-reader and tablet devices has reached deluge proportions—and if the population at large didn’t know it, Apple’s iPad debut will help mainstream the concept. Yet the platform is still very young, not yet driven by consumer preferences. Manufacturers and publishers alike are testing the waters even as the technology rapidly develops beyond what has already been released. In the meantime, publishers are working with whatever...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 12.22.09

By Jason Fell 12/22/2009

Another Digital Newsstand To Launch
Online digital publication company BlueToad said it plans to launch a new digital newsstand, called CoverStand, which will be available at no cost to publishers.

“Subscription dollars will be collected by the publisher directly—we won't take a fee from the transaction,” a BlueToad spokesperson told FOLIO:. “When publishers that aren't BlueToad customers wish to publish on CoverStand then they will need to provide...more

Forecasting the Impact of the Digital Content Joint Venture

By Bill Mickey 12/22/2009

Next Issue Media, the joint venture between Time Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith and The News Corporation to create a common digital content format and storefront to distribute it, has attracted heavy media attention. However, beyond the five companies investing in the venture, little is known about how this will impact the industry in general, and smaller publishers in particular.

It’s one of those events where the speculation has...more

Digital Magazine Outlook 2010

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 12/22/2009

At the AD Show in July, Popular Science publisher Gregg Hano gave attendees his view of the future of digital publishing—not just for 2010 but also for the next five years—some of which have already materialized. “Those of us in print and online [publishing] better figure out how to monetize it and work with the vendors, suppliers and hardware manufacturers to make sure our content is in front of...more

The New Face of Digital Editions

By Vanessa Voltolina 12/22/2009

As publishers continue to seek out the newest and best technologies to enhance digital readership (and drive online revenue), a slew of advanced e-readers—such as the Apple tablet, Mag+ and an iPhone viewer for digital magazines—are redefining online editions.

Of course, new concepts and prototypes for what a digital magazine could look like have been popping up with relative frequency. And obviously, the ideas are a boon to the...more

Top 5 Digital Magazine Requests From Publishers

By Vanessa Voltolina 12/22/2009

With the dawn of new publishing technologies, as well as the migration from print to digital editions, it’s not surprising that publishers have a few questions. And who do they go to for guidance but their digital provider (or, a provider they are courting). Digital Edition Insights asked a number of digital vendors—including Nxtbook Media, Texterity, Digital Magazine Technology, Zmags and Zinio—the most frequent requests...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 11.19.09

By FOLIO: Staff 11/19/2009

GQ Goes Digital on iPhone; Launches New Initiative for Digital Magazines
In conjunction with its Men of the Year issue, Conde Nast officially released this week a mobile iPhone/iPod touch application of GQ.

The app goes beyond mobile access to content, acting like a “virtual magazine,” with a digital replica of the magazine with live links to advertisers’ products, links to read reviews and/or purchase music, video and...more

Best Practices for Managing Controlled Digital Edition Circulation

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 11/19/2009

For the past few years, b-to-b publishers have been using digital editions to supplement their print products for various reasons: to cater to their readers’ preferences, to cut printing and shipping costs, and to reach more international audiences. There’s a lot to consider, however, such as balancing the ratio between print and digital subscribers and navigating the audit process. Anne Drobish, associate audience development director, NewBay Media, shared a few...more

Boosting Digital Edition Open Rates

By Bill Mickey 11/19/2009

It's the elephant in the room for many publishers that offer digital editions to a significant portion of their readership: How many subscribers actually open or click through their notification emails?

Digital edition use continues to grow as more publishers use them to supplement print circulation and the audit bureaus refine their reporting rules, but getting people to engage beyond the notification email requires a set of tools...more

Where Digital Magazines Fit In the Days Ahead

By Matt Kinsman 11/19/2009

At the FOLIO: Show Virtual last month, Steve Paxhia, president of Beacon Digital Strategies, and author of the 2008 Gilbane Group report “Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions,” shared his thoughts on how digital magazines will fit in with the growing number of digital channels available to publishers.

Paxhia’s predictions for next 12 months include:

•    An improving economy will change the focus from cost savings to...more

Serving the International Audience

By Vanessa Voltolina 11/19/2009

Publishers originally embraced digital editions as an affordable, efficient way to serve readers overseas. But delivering content and managing subscriptions internationally requires publishers use a distinct set of tactics, like delivery incentives, subscription cuts and increased digital edition content, to bulk up their readership and save money on postal costs internationally.

"For us, it’s been an interesting journey over the past few years with the continued increase of international postage rates," said Joanne Juda-Prainito, vice president of...more

Opportunities for Digital Edition Sales and Ad Revenue Growth

By Vanessa Voltolina 10/30/2009

With advertising taking a massive nosedive this year, publishers venturing into selling uncharted ad territory have likely hit a number of roadblocks. But during the Folio: Show Virtual, Josh Gordon, president of Smarter Media Sales, presented his preliminary survey findings on how readers respond to advertising in interactive editions (defined as digital editions with no print components) as compared with other electronic media.

Gordon’s independent survey, “The Case for Advertising...more


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