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Edgell's Open Approach to Digital Delivery

By Jane E. Zarem 03/29/2010

Edgell Communication’s Consumer Goods Technology launched an all-digital issue in July 2008 and now publishes four all-digital issues each year (February, April, July/August, and November). Edgell Communications will be rolling out replica digital versions for all its other controlled-circulation brands in the next few months.

The digital-only issues of Consumer Goods Technology, however, are not replicas. “We have an interactive digital platform...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 03.29.10

By FOLIO: Staff 03/29/2010

MRI To Start Tracking Digital Editions, E-Readers

Starting next month, Mediamark Research & Intelligence will conduct 1,000 in-home interviews across the country asking consumers about their magazine readership across all formats and devices, including electronic editions, e-readers, mobile and tablets.

The interviews are part of a pilot program that tests adding new interview language to MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, which provides consumer magazine audience ratings....more

The Evolving Business Case for Digital Magazines

By Bill Mickey 03/29/2010

For some publishers, digital editions have evolved from a standalone circ-builder to a way to get a foothold on as many devices as they can. Either way, digital editions, when marketed properly, are still a viable way to grow overall circulation.

Now that both the BPA and ABC have defined digital editions in such a way that they’re auditable on new device platforms—such as e-readers and tablets—publishers have...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 02.26.10

By Jason Fell 02/26/2010

Squires, Skiff Lead MPA E-Reader Event Line Up

The Magazine Publishers of America has announced the line up for its Magazines 24/7: The E-Reading Revolution event. On tap as speakers are John Squires, managing director of publisher-formed e-reader group Next Issue Media; Gil Fuchsberg, president of Hearst-incubated Skiff; and Forrester Research media/device analyst Sarah Rotman Epps.

The MPA says the event will focus on opportunities in e-reading created by advances in...more

New BPA Rules for Digital Editions in 2010

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 02/26/2010

At BPA Worldwide’s December 2009 meeting, the Board of Directors passed some new rules that were set to go into effect this year for members reporting digital editions. While these changes were not as controversial as the rule change that went into effect last year, they’re still worth noting.

The most obvious change to the BPA’s rules is reflected in how the bureau describes digital editions. The Board...more

Digital Editions on a Shoestring

By Bill Mickey 02/26/2010

That Lonny, a middle-market shelter and home design title, launched with virtually a $19.00 monthly production budget belies the work and expertise that goes on behind the scenes. But the magazine, which was started by Michelle Adams, a former assistant at now-defunct Domino, and photographer Patrick Cline, has taken on a DIY sensibility with its digital edition-only platform that has filled a wide-open...more

Moving Toward 'Device-Independence'

By Matt Kinsman 02/26/2010

While developing iPhone apps has been all the rage for publishers and their digital edition vendors in recent months, moving toward platforms that target all mobile devices and e-readers without requiring additional work from the publisher will be the focus for 2010.

Consumer enthusiast publisher Harris Publishing recently started using the new Mygazines Mobile service, which uses the mobile Web browser (rather than creating device-specific...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 01.29.09

By Matt Kinsman 01/29/2010

Zinio Launches Digital Edition for United States Tennis Association

Zinio has teamed up with the United States Tennis Association for a 106-page digital edition of USTA Magazine, going out to USTA’s 742,000 members.

The new launch is part of the second phase of its “Unity” platform, touting design optimization for digital editions. Some of the dynamic features include animation, scrolling text, a cover that rotates eight images of iconic tennis movements...more

Creating and Marketing One-Off Digital Editions

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 01/29/2010

For a few years now, publishers have been utilizing digital editions as an alternative way of reaching their core print subscribers, whether it’s for economical or environmental reasons. But more companies are using the format to target specific groups, attract new readers and advertisers, or as a way to offer exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else. This is where one-off (or...more

Producing Content for Tablets and Apps

By Bill Mickey 01/29/2010

The growing swell of e-reader and tablet devices has reached deluge proportions—and if the population at large didn’t know it, Apple’s iPad debut will help mainstream the concept. Yet the platform is still very young, not yet driven by consumer preferences. Manufacturers and publishers alike are testing the waters even as the technology rapidly develops beyond what has already been released. In the meantime, publishers are working with whatever...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 12.22.09

By Jason Fell 12/22/2009

Another Digital Newsstand To Launch
Online digital publication company BlueToad said it plans to launch a new digital newsstand, called CoverStand, which will be available at no cost to publishers.

“Subscription dollars will be collected by the publisher directly—we won't take a fee from the transaction,” a BlueToad spokesperson told FOLIO:. “When publishers that aren't BlueToad customers wish to publish on CoverStand then they will need to provide...more

Forecasting the Impact of the Digital Content Joint Venture

By Bill Mickey 12/22/2009

Next Issue Media, the joint venture between Time Inc., Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith and The News Corporation to create a common digital content format and storefront to distribute it, has attracted heavy media attention. However, beyond the five companies investing in the venture, little is known about how this will impact the industry in general, and smaller publishers in particular.

It’s one of those events where the speculation has...more


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