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Ad Networks Abound for Mobile/Digital Editions—But Can Smaller Publishers Play, Too?

By Matt Kinsman 07/30/2010

There seems to be almost no end to the number of mobile ad networks popping up, such as Jumptap, Millenial Media and Quattro. Apple offers its own ad network in iAd, which serves ads to the iPhone and iPad (with publishers getting a 60 percent cut and Apple keeping 40 percent).
Increasingly, digital magazine vendors are getting into the act, offering either their own networks or solutions that pull...more

Trade Show Apps Extend Attendee Engagement

By Bill Mickey 07/30/2010

While digital editions are a common format for producing show guides and show dailies, apps are becoming another popular platform for integrating dailies along with much more functionality. Penton Media's Custom Solutions group partnered with the Food Marketing Institute to build an app for FMI's annual event, FMI 2010, in May. The app, which essentially wraps a show program, show dailies, exhibit...more

Advertisers Getting More Creative With Apps

By Bill Mickey 06/30/2010

As tablet application development continues across the industry, publishers are working closely with agencies and clients to develop advertising functionality and formats that fully leverage the tablet experience—with a goal of making the ad rival the actual content in terms of user experience.

Sports Illustrated, which released its first issue for the iPad on June 24, has seven launch sponsors—all are in for...more

Digital Magazines News Wire | 06.30.10

By Jason Fell 06/30/2010

MagMe Launches

Another player has emerged on the digital magazine vendor market: MagMe. The new platform debuted in beta earlier this month at the 2010 FOLIO: Show in New York City.The platform features intuitive navigational and viewing capabilities, online shopping functions, and social media tools, as well as what the company says are “superior” visuals and viewing features.

What sets MagMe’s business plan...more

Digital Editions Come of Age

By Matt Kinsman 06/30/2010

IDG's Macworld and PCWorld magazines have had digital editions for years but they're just starting to realize the potential of the platform, thanks to the iPad. While Macworld and PCWorld averaged 600 monthly downloads combined for their digital editions, the iPad versions are generating 8,000 monthly downloads combined and a Macworld special edition about the launch of the iPad has generated about 90,000 downloads (and...more

Publishers Say New Products Go Beyond Digital Magazines

By Jason Fell 06/30/2010

At a time when magazine publishers are racing to market with applications for tablets and smartphones, Bonnier Corp. and Interweave have launched new digital products specifically for viewing on desktops and laptops.

As part of the magazine’s broader “360-degree multiplatform initiative,” Bonnier’s Skiing magazine has developed Skiing Interactive, a digital edition with unique content and advertising that was developed specifically for accessing on a...more

Pricing Magazine Apps

By Bill Mickey 05/27/2010

For now, publishers are merely experimenting with pricing for full magazine apps on smartphones and tablet devices. A baseline at this point is still a moving target. On the one hand, publishers don't want to get trapped in devaluing digital content again, and with all the production work involved in the versions that are not simply digital edition repeats, but have added content, robust...more

Digital Magazine News Wire | 05.27.10

By Jason Fell 05/27/2010

Report: Tablet Market to Skyrocket

Think the iPad sold well in its first few hours on the market? According to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation, worldwide tablet shipments are projected to grow from roughly 7.6 million this year to more than 46 million units in 2014.

IDC says consumer demand for media tablets to be “strongly driven by the number and variety of compatible...more

4 Tips for Actively Building A Digital Edition Audience

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 05/27/2010

Publishers over the years have had their plates full with managing print and Web products, thus relegating digital editions to the “stepchild” category. But with all of the new e-reader devices currently on the market and recent developments in smartphone technology, digital editions are now coming more to the forefront. But technology is just one part of the equation—you need an engaged audience to make focusing on a digital edition...more

Revamping Digital Editions for Growth

By Matt Kinsman 04/30/2010

Even today, many publishers turn to digital editions simply as a straight replica of the print product.

But at a recent Folio: Webinar, “State of the Art in Digital Magazines,” two b-to-b publishers shared how they have refigured their digital edition strategies to make them a key part of the editorial, sales and audience development missions.

Uptime Magazine started offering digital editions in 2006 through...more

Measuring Your App Usage

By Bill Mickey 04/30/2010

Publishers developing apps for mobile and tablet devices have some choices among analytics service providers—as well as some strategic decisions about how that data will be used.

Developers can embed third-party measurement software that is integrated and shipped with the app and tracks a variety of usage patterns. The landscape of service providers ranges from outfits like Omniture, WebTrends and more

Digital Magazine News Wire | 04.30.10

By Jason Fell 04/30/2010

Navigating the E-Reader World

Overwhelmed by the choices in the growing e-reader market? Nxtbook Media has released its e-Reader Guide 2010, which offers a critique of devices ranging from smart tools like the iPhone, iPad and Android to dedicated e-readers like the Kindle, Nook and Sony’s Calibre.

The guide includes specs (weight, screen size, display description) as well as price ranges and a description of how Nxtbook...more


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