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fpo FOLIO: Q+A: Atlantic Publisher Jay Lauf

Jay Lauf, the former publisher of Wired, talks about his transition to the Atlantic, his plan for growth and how the two seemingly disparate magazines are similar.

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fpo FOLIO: Video Q+A: The Atlantic’s Justin Smith

Atlantic Media president Justin Smith talks about the magazine’s now-infamous Britney Spears cover, it’s digital strategy and what it takes to retool a 150-year-old magazine brand—without alienating its core audience.

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fpo FOLIO: Video Q+A: New Yorker’s David Remnick

At the 2008 National Magazine Awards, FOLIO: spoke with New Yorker editor David Remnick about his magazine’s perennial Ellies nominations, why he’s bullish on print and what he thinks about the Democratic race for the White House.

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