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CMS Insights

Matching Content Management Scale With Function

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 09/14/2009

One of the most important things to consider when planning your next CMS upgrade is the rate at which your company’s needs might change in the future. At the time of the upgrade, your Web site may offer a range of content types, such as articles, blogs and videos, but as content platform options grow, your company may want explore how other opportunities might fit into your content management needs,...more

CMS Primer: Open Source vs. Commercial

By Vanessa Voltolina 09/14/2009

Now more than ever, publishers are finding that good content reigns supreme. Therefore, it only makes sense that the content management systems in charge of safekeeping and conveying these assets are of critical importance. But with a swirl of commercial staples and innovative open source systems (like Drupal, Joomla!, Alfresco and eZPublish) growing in popularity, how does a publisher looking to overhaul choose the best system?

As with everything,...more

CMS Insights Wire

By Jason Fell 09/14/2009

Nstein: Lighter Losses through First Half

Montreal-based Nstein Technologies reported $6.2 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2009, up 3 percent from $6 million during the same period last year. The company reported a $258,841, an improvement over a $1.55 million loss during the same period last year.

Through the first six months, Nstein reported a loss of $417,788 on $11.57 million in revenue. That’s compared to a $1.64 million...more

How Your CMS Helps Your SEO

By Bill Mickey 09/14/2009

A CMS these days automatically takes care of much of your basic SEO responsibilities. However, many publishers are still saddled with legacy technology that necessitates manual SEO optimization as content is entered into the system. Either way, the editors who are responsible for the content production often don't realize what's going on behind the scenes. Here's a quick primer on what your CMS does for you, and what you can...more

Social Media Apps For CMS

By Matt Kinsman 09/14/2009

Today, it’s less about social media at your site and more about making your CMS compatible with Twitter and Facebook.

Social media remains a priority for most publishers but in the wake of failures of proprietary, standalone social media networks such as Variety’s “The Biz,” publishers are realizing that rather than creating community at their own sites, they need to be catching readers where they already are: Facebook and Twitter.



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