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IDG’s Apollo CMS Makes a Case to Build It Yourself

By Caysey Welton 10/14/2014

Proprietary content management systems have been a hot topic in digital publishing over the past year. Companies like Vox, Say Media, Forbes and others have made huge commitments to building out their platforms to not only serve internal needs but also provide licensed solutions for outside companies. In IDG's case, the company rolled out its Apollo platform with another purpose in mind—efficiency.

IDG is a large, global corporation with both consumer...more

IDG Launches Proprietary CMS Across Network

By Michael Rondon 05/29/2014


IDG Communications is overhauling its back-end infrastructure with the launch of a new proprietary content management system it's calling Apollo.

The CMS, officially rolling out on Tuesday, will offer editors a range of tools for multimedia storytelling and simplify access to the company's extensive trove of content. That latter feature could be big for IDG—the company has more than 2,000 journalists, 460 sites,...more

Forbes Licenses Contributor Network Platform to ALM

By Michael Rondon 11/11/2013

Turning "digital dimes" into meaningful revenue requires scale. That reality has many content creators looking to contributor networks to generate ad inventory.

The Huffington Post and Vox Media are two that have done it in different ways, along with Business Insider and Glam Media. So has Forbes.

ALM, a b-to-b publisher for the legal community, is partnering with the latter to launch their own...more

HuffPost Live: An Insider’s Perspective—Part II (Video)

By Caysey Welton 10/07/2013

In Part I of this two-part series Roy Sekoff, president at HuffPost Live, and keynote speaker at Folio:'s MediaNext Conference, dives into the business model and the first year performance of The Huffington Post's video vertical. He also introduces how the brand defines "social video" and the advantages of an engaged community.

The notion of social engagement through video content should be a big takeaway...more

Allrecipes Moves Toward Mobile-First With New Recipe Pages

By Steve Smith 10/08/2012


*Editor's Note: This story originally appears on FOLIO: sister site,

With almost half of its audience now expected to be coming from devices around the beginning of 2013, is taking some lessons from mobile-first design principle. In a newly redesigned recipe page at its site, the publisher is adopting more of the simplicity, look and feel...more

The New CMS Mandate: Managing Multi-Channel Content

By John Parsons 07/25/2012

Magazine publishers—especially larger ones with multiple syndication and distribution channels—have struggled for years with finding better ways to manage and automate the use of their valuable intellectual property. Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems have been tried as tools for more efficient production—from finding the right asset, to using it (legally) in a specific publication, to repurposing it in an ever-increasing number of print and digital...more

EPublishing to Buy Ellington CMS

By Bill Mickey 07/11/2012


ePublishing, a provider of cloud-based CMS, ecommerce and CRM services has agreed to buy Ellington CMS, a platform initially developed by The World Company for its Lawrence Journal-World newspaper website based in Lawrence, Kansas.

The World Company had licensed the Ellington CMS and the Ellington Marketplace, a listings and ad platform which ePublishing also gets in the deal, through its Mediaphormedia software division. The service counts...more

Wordpress 3.1 is Released

By Stefanie Botelho 02/23/2011

Wordpress has released its newest version, Wordpress 3.1.

This is the fourteenth version of the blogging platform. Wordpress 3.1 has been dubbed “Reinhardt,” reportedly after jazz musician Django Reinhardt.

New and improved features include a redesigned linking workflow, an admin bar, a streamlined writing interface and a redesigned blue admin scheme.

With the update, some are saying that a blog platform is no longer an accurate description, and that Wordpress...more

CMS Insights Wire | 12.09.09

By FOLIO: Staff 12/09/2009

WordPress Named Top Open Source CMS
Packt Publishing, a publisher of books and other publications on technology solutions, recently named WordPress the overall best open source CMS of 2009. Tying for runner up were MODx and SilverStripe.

In the Most Promising Open Source CMS category, ImpressCMS took the top honor while ystems called Pixie and Pligg tied for the first runner up slot. For the second year in a...more

Architecting Video Online

By Chandra Johnson-Greene 12/09/2009

For the past few years, publishers have been using video content on their Web sites to increase and maintain audience engagement. But as video libraries continue to grow, companies have had to find different ways to organize and archive the content while maintaining its visibility.

The use of online video platforms via Brightcove, and others have become increasingly popular because they allow publishers to customize their video...more

Creating a Navigable Site

By Vanessa Voltolina 12/09/2009

By now, publishers know enough about online behavior to realize that if users can’t find the content they’re looking for immediately, they’ll turn elsewhere—which can be a major hit for both traffic and revenue numbers.

But when it comes to creating a navigable site, "We don't see hard and fast rules, but doing what maximizes usability for the user,” said Jeff Myers, vice president and general manager of Meredith...more

Surviving Digital Content Migration

By Matt Kinsman 12/09/2009

Migrating content to a new CMS is a tremendous pain in the rear, there’s no way around it. If a vendor or consultant tries to downplay the difficulty or time required in the process, take your business elsewhere. They aren’t being honest with you.  

A few years ago, migrating content to a new site wasn’t a huge deal. Most publishers had a limited amount of content on their site and it was primarily...more


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