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Email Marketing Survey Results: Publisher Priorities & Best Practices Join this upcoming Folio: Webinar to discuss the survey findings, and to learn how one publisher, Advanstar, streamlined their process to intensify the focus on audience engagement strategies.
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 2:00pm

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Case Studies in City & Regional Publishing

12 Success Strategies for City and Regional Publishing

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fpo FOLIO: Video Q+A: Modern Estate's Linda Donnelly

Modern Estate founder Linda Donnelly discusses the city and regional publishing and the "free" versus "paid" distribution model at the 2008 FOLIO: Publishing Summit.

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fpo FOLIO: Video Q+A: New York Magazine’s Larry Burstein

Publisher Larry Burstein on the magazine’s critical and financial success

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fpo FOLIO: Video Q+A: Texas Monthly's Evan Smith

Evan Smith, editor and executive vice president, Texas Monthly, talks about climbing the corporate ladder from an editor's perspective.

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