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Consumer Tech: Bad for Business

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On the face of it, Internet technology should be a b-to-b publisher’s best friend. Sure, the Internet effectively put an end to the long and lazy golden age of publishing (1493—1993, RIP) when we used “ink” and a composite of mulched tree to disseminate information.

Time to Raise Your Editorial Standards

Internet publishing today may seem complicated but in fact our industry is governed by a simple paradox: the easier you make it for people to publish information, the lower the quality of the information they produce, and the smellier the audience that reads it.

Learning from Murdoch’s Internet Missteps

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The history of the Internet is peppered with important dates: there’s the invention of IP (Vint Cerf, 1973), the creation of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners Lee, 1989), the first cat video on YouTube (three seconds after it was launched in 2005). So, what will 2010 be remembered for?

News in the Age of Blogs

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Publishers all over the country are wrestling with how to incorporate popular blog material into their Web sites without losing credibility with advertisers. It’s a toughie, because the siren song of the blogosphere is loud. If you build blogs into your network, so the Web 2.0 hype has it, the audience will come.

A Scary New Web Paradigm for B-to-B

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Anyone who has worked in b-to-b publishing during the last decade could surely be forgiven for thinking that they have—without a doubt—lived through the most disruptive period our industry has ever seen.