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Trimming the Fat

It's an infamous story in b-to-b publishing circles. An assistant editor for a prominent publisher was put in charge of handling an event, including negotiating with the hotel. Those negotiations resulted in the publisher owing the hotel more than six figures for failing to fulfill its room block commitment.

When Advertisers Leverage Editors

Leveraging additional components such as online ads or live events to increase an ad-page buy in the magazine is a long accepted part of the business. But advertisers continue to push for more and are increasingly demanding to tap into a magazine's assets beyond media, such as asking for editors to speak at their events or access to the magazine's database and market connections.

In The Money

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Curtco Media Labs is the latest iteration of many Bill Curtis companies. Its successes (Robb Report, Robb Report Vacation Homes) have taken it to a whole new level. Its few missteps (including a stab at the momentarily hot customer relationship management sector) have either been sold off or quietly folded without harming the overall company.

Analyzing Your Prospective Magazine’s Business Plan

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It's been said that magazines, like restaurants, are considered by newcomers to the field to be more of a lifestyle than an occupation. Those romantic notions are quickly dispelled by the realities of business, often in the intensive and frustrating effort to develop a business plan that will convince both investors and charter advertisers.

Driving Traffic Deeper

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Publishers are focused on taking online visitors deeper into their Web sites. The good news is it can be achieved through minor tweaks that don't involve much expense or time.

Reversing the Polarity

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In the fall of 2005, U.S. News & World Report, Technology Review and IDG's CXO Media, three publishers experiencing a wane in their print fortunes, announced they would be scaling back their print products and putting significantly more investment into the Web and events. Early indicators show promise. The question is, can they sustain it?

Return of the Portal

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Online portals are back and this time they seem to be paying off (unlike early attempts such as Pathfinder on the consumer side and VerticalNet on the b-to-b side). Portals have slowly been making a return for several years;they were a staple of TechTarget's strategy long before the company began expanding to print.

Regional Magazine Glut

Regional magazines are consumer publishing's hottest category. It's also the category most likely to be a victim of its own success as the number of magazines serving the same market grow to ridiculous proportions.

New Standards for Mail Sacks

Just as the new 5.4 percent postal rate increases kicked in last week, the postal service will adopt new mail standards for Periodicals mail prepared in sacks, according to a DMM Advisory. The new standards will go into effect May 11.

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