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Your Next CEO Could Be Your Banker

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Forget about new media or broadcast hotshots coming in to whip traditional publishing companies into shape. With so many covenants in danger of violation and some publishers teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, it’s the bankers themselves who are assuming day-to-day control.

Going Back to the Well: How to Get More Funding

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Recapitalization will determine the fate of many magazines in 2009, including those that were healthy through much of 2008. Green magazine Plenty shuttered last month, with publisher Mark Spellun saying that the magazine’s financing had simply “dried up.” Mediabistro reported that Evening Post Publishers Co.

Bridging the New and Old Workflow

In theory, the digital workflow makes things easier. Often, though, publishers have to go through multiple steps to get content (which is typically created in Microsoft Word) into the digital workflow or to get different applications working together.

How Western Interiors & Design Got More Funding

Recapitalization will determine the fate of many magazines in 2009, including those who were healthy up through much of 2008. Green magazine Plenty shuttered this week and publisher Mark Spellun told Portfolio that the magazine’s financing had simply "dried up."

What’s Next after Clicks and Impressions?

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Ask most publishers, consumer or b-to-b, and they will tell you that “measured media” is the most common refrain they’re hearing from advertisers these days. Sometimes it’s just a tactic to beat the publisher’s price down but usually it’s because the advertiser really wants to know what they’re getting for their money.

SmartADs: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Advertising

As publishers face advertisers clamoring for “measured media,” a service called SmartAds may offer some help. iiON Corp.’s SmartAds technology lets viewers interact with the ad by posing questions or offers, then serving up information or images tailored to that viewer based on his or her responses without taking the viewer away from the site.

Elsevier Scores with ‘Face-to-Face’ Hybrid Event

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In a downturn, T&E budgets are among the first items to go and publishers are starting to see some serious softness in the events business they were counting on to pick up the slack from print. American Business Media says b-to-b trade shows are down 3.7 percent through the first three quarters of 2008, the first drop for b-to-b events in seven years.

Penton Launches Chief Marketer Network

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Penton Media has announced the Chief Marketer Network, a site that will pool edit content from its marketing titles—Direct, Promo, Multichannel Merchant and Chief Marketer. Leslie Bacon will serve as group publisher of the network.

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