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Rachelle Considine

2012 was a year of change for Future. The main focus was pivoting the company from one that had a reputation as a “print company” to a hybrid media company. Results support this change as U.S.

John French

At Cygnus, we see ourselves more as a technology company providing solutions in media rather than a media company seeking technology solutions. As we finish up 2012 and look toward 2013, I could not be more proud of what Cygnus has been able to accomplish.

Arianna Huffington

When I look ahead to what 2013 holds for the media industry, three trends stand out. First, the shift from presentation to participation means that the days of the Media Gods on Mt. Olympus telling us how things are have ended.

Dave J. Iannone

The importance of taking a dynamic approach to delivering great content is the key to success as our audiences continue to evolve in how they consume it online and off.

Knight Kiplinger

The coming year will see the continuation—and perhaps acceleration—of the primary challenge that magazines and their affiliated media companies have faced for years: The migration of readers to free online content, with advertisers following along.

Vincent Lovoi

This Land Press will turn two years old in the spring as a for-profit enterprise. We’re a new media company dedicated to long-form narrative journalism, telling stories about the “Middle of America” in whatever form they are best told.

Steve Weitzner

In 2012 I joined Summit Business Media as CEO and I’m now in the roiling financial services markets. Very specifically, we create content for the financial advisors, insurance agents and brokers who build, manage and protect wealth for both individuals and enterprises.

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