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David Nussbaum

Magento Enterprise Edition is an open source e-commerce platform that allows F+W Media to rapidly deploy integrated e-commerce storefronts for physical and digital product sales direct-to-consumer.

Jim Casella

Asset International provides business intelligence to the world’s leading financial institutions, with a strong focus on fund flows. We integrate market data, research, conferences, online and mobile media to help these institutions grow their businesses across the globe.

Peter Goldstone

Our audiences and our customers have changing needs and expectations of Hanley Wood. We had to evolve our content strategy and drive new value for them and for the company.

Maria Rodale

The biggest difference between before the digital revolution and now is that customers control the content flow rather than publishers. As customers we want what we want when we want it and how we want it. A new song? A new book? One click away (so frictionless!). A question about our health?

Grant Whitmore

The biggest game-changing technology in the digital publishing world is the one-two punch of programmatic buying and native advertising that has taken hold over the last year.

Chris Kaskie

Ten years ago, thoughtful, long-form content published only to the Web wasn’t taken seriously. “If it’s important, it’s in print,” was the prevailing notion. Content was tangible and the presentation of it was expected to be pristine. On the Web, that was never entirely possible.

Jonathan Moffly

For digital publishing, our platforms are Zinio for replica flipbooks, GTXcel’s Rivista CMS for websites, and StreamSend for e-newsletters, plus the usual suspects Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social media channels with various vendors lending tools to manage.

People On the Move | 7.18.2013

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  Dawn Sheggeby has been promoted to executive director, group strategy & development for Hearst Men’s Group. She was previously director of integrated marketing at Esquire.

Multiplatform Breakthroughs in Regional Publishing

City and regional magazines have, in general, historically been slower to adopt the more cutting-edge digital strategies that their consumer and b-to-b media cousins have pursued. There are exceptions, but the gap between print and digital revenues is still much wider than in other parts of the industry.

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