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These Promotions Draw Advertisers Like Magnets

[Sponsored Content] Many publishers have a "can't-miss" issue that naturally attracts advertisers. Perhaps the attraction is bonus distribution at the biggest industry event of the year, or is tied to the seasonality of your profession's business cycles. Whatever the reason, this issue has big pull, while others may pale in comparison. As a result, a variety of motivators can help beef up those thin issues.

Folio: 100 Awards Luncheon 2014 – Photos


As it does each year, the list represents every facet of publishing from every corner of the industry—big and small publishers in the consumer, B2B, regional and association markets. This year we’ve also included our annual recognition of the younger go-getters—men and women in their 20s who are driving innovation at their organizations and who might well be considered the future leaders of our industry.