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How To Build and Maintain a Masterfile

Want to hear someone get excited about a database? (Yes, a database.) Here’s Heather Holmes marveling over the master file she oversees at Technology Review.“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to talk about our new spiffy database,” she says. “We’re still building it, but I’m delighted to sing its praises based on Phase I.”

Revenue Generation on Mobile Devices

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Almost immediately after Apple founder Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to much fanfare last January, publishers everywhere began trying to figure out how to create content and advertising for the new platform.

What To Know When Shopping for a Printer

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Publishers are no longer simply magazine creators—they’re multimedia brand builders. Printers, meanwhile, are no longer just ink-on-paper product manufacturers—they’re also content distribution platform providers. And no one is sure these days where one function ends and the other begins.