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Moving From Lead Gen To Lead Nurturing

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As publishers develop more sophisticated lead strategies, they’re shifting from lead generation—capturing basic contact and demographic information about potential customers—to lead nurturing, which is more about developing consistent communication with a prospect to help prepare them for an actual purchase.

Generating Leads Through SEM

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Paid search marketing is a tricky game. It can be an initially expensive process that eventually tails off as you dial in keyword responses, but it is a good source of new names and it can be used to target very specific verticals or products.

Landing Pages That Convert

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Earlier this month at Mequoda Summit Boston, Web conversion architecture was top of mind with Mequoda managing partner Don Nicholas offering a deep-dive into 12 specific types of landing pages that convert, how they were utilized by Mequoda and specific examples of publisher optimized landing pages.

When Are Layoffs Not Really Layoffs?

There’s a disturbing trend that seems to be growing with publishing companies cutting staff. Not just the cutting (although that’s certainly disturbing enough) but attempts to portray cuts as something other than what they really are.

Startup Stories

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ACP Gets Second ChanceAfter Reed folded 13 construction titles, the group’s original owner is making a play to bring them back. by Matt Kinsman

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