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Alumni-SocietyAnnual / One-Shot – Single Article –  [Eddies]

The Alumni Society, The Corporate Ladder is Dead – Guerrero Howe

Honorable Mention

Library Journal, The Comeback Kids – Media Source Inc.

Chemical-EngineeringAssociation / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – Single Article – 6 or more Issues [Eddies]

Chemical & Engineering News, When Chemicals Became Weapons of War – American Chemical Society

Honorable Mentions

Chemical & Engineering News, Chemistry's Electic Opportunity – American Chemical Society

Dermatology World, The Full Picture – American Academy of Dermatology

Endocrine News, Deep Impact – The Endocrine Society

HR Magazine, Open Minds – Society for Human Resource Management 

HR Magazine, Bringing Bias into the Light – Society for Human Resource Management 

Marketing News, "Swimming Upstream" – American Marketing Association

Professional Photographer, Portraits That Sell – Professional Photographers of America

USGBC+, May/June 2014, "Detroit Green City"

Specialty Food Magazine_Single ArticleAssociation / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – Single Article – Less than 6 Issues [Eddies]

Specialty Food Magazine, The GMO Debate: What Retailers and Suppliers Need to Know in 2014 – Specialty Food Association

Honorable Mentions

ICON, ICON magazine, Interior Designers: Putting Patients First, fall 2014 issue – American Society of Interior Designers

Peer to Peer, Bring Out the Best in Introverts – International Legal Technology Association

Peer to Peer, Career Advice from a Futurist – International Legal Technology Association

Philanthropy, The Dinosaur Discoverer / Philanthropy Winter 2015 – The Philanthropy Roundtable

SWE Magazine, SWE at 65: Women Engineers You Should Know – Society of Women Engineers

The Leader, Railroad Track Safety – Safest In Decades, More Improvements On the Horizon – Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association (VPPPA)

AARP_Single ArticleAssociation / Non-Profit (Consumer) – Single Article – 6 or more Issues [Eddies]

AARP The Magazine, Your Guide to Health at 50+: Feel Great Right Now! – AARP The Magazine

Honorable Mention

AARP The Magazine, Robin Reborn – AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine, Bob Dylan Does the American Songbook His Way – AARP The Magazine

All Animals, Surge of Compassion, China Feature – The Humane Society of the United States

AOPA Pilot, Ageless Aviators – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association/Air Safety Institute

Lacrosse Magazine, "For Uganda, For Africa" – US Lacrosse

Sierra, To the Sea and Back – Sierra Club

Unity Magazine, Saying YES! – Unity

MomentumAssociation / Non-Profit (Consumer) – Single Article – Less than 6 Issues [Eddies]

Momentum, Medical Marijuana: Hype or Hope? – National MS Society

Honorable Mention

Illinois Alumni, Gridiron Greatness – University of Illinois Alumni Association

Inside Salk, Brain Gain – Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Momentum, Yes, You Can Regain Bladder Control – National MS Society

Preservation, Small Wonders – National Trust for Historic Preservation

UIC Alumni, The Circle – University of Illinois Alumni Association

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