Awards Timeline

Entry Deadline: July 18, 2014
Final Deadline: August 1, 2014

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Do you know a female media professional who stands out from the crowd? Is she a Top Woman In Media? If so, she should be on Folio’s annual list of the most influential women, the ones driving the agenda for the industry and in their companies—women who are innovating in new ways and guiding their businesses into new markets. This list celebrates the creativity and accomplishments of our female colleagues, sometimes against a glass ceiling, other times against the grain.

The Folio Top Women In Media list is based on several factors, but the top criteria is this: All of the designees have demonstrably moved the needle either in the industry or at their companies, whether through revenue or audience growth, brand extensions, product launches, business transformation, thought leadership or pioneering actions.

Our list of change-agents is shifting the core concept of authority, leadership and vision in important ways, and Folio is proud to have the opportunity to recognize and salute our colleagues and leaders.


Categories/Who Should Enter:

Designed for female media professionals in both the consumer and b2b sectors, the Top Women In Media List is divided into these categories:

  • Industry leadership: For executives (and women of all ranks) who’ve had an exceptional impact on the direction of their industry or market in ways that are measurable beyond just their own companies.
  • Corporate visionaries: Women who’ve steered their companies into new markets, new opportunities, new audiences, and strong, measurable growth.
  • Director-level Doers: Women who’ve successfully executed on a strategy, and transformed their business line or brand.
  • Entrepreneurs: Women who’ve launched companies and upended markets and categories.
  • Mentors: Women who’ve made an extraordinary effort, and had an extraordinary impact, on the careers of their colleagues.
  • Rising Stars: Women on the rise, making their mark, even at the early stages of their careers.

National & International Recognition

The honorees will gain:

  • Recognition at an awards event.
  • Outstanding exposure through a profile on Folio’s site.
  • An award.
  • Recognition and exposure through email promotions, press releases and Folio’s social media networks.

How to Enter

All nominations for Top Women In Media must include a narrative of not more than 500 words outlining which category they are entering in, and detailing their specific accomplishments. Testimonials and other supporting materials are encouraged but be kind to the judges and keep it brief.

Please enter online and have the following prepared:

  • Category Entered
  • Key Contact for entry
  • Organization submitting entry
  • Title of entry (as it would appear on the award)
  • Synopsis of why the nominee should win an award – If applicable, please provide specific accomplishments and milestones achieved by this person, specific traits and abilities that make this person stand out among peers and how this person’s influence extend beyond his/her company.
  • Any attachments you wish to upload
  • A headshot of the nominee

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be employed by a media company, or a digital-only media company, or at an association, or work as a consultant or other services-provider to the industry.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

Entry Deadline: July 18, 2014

Final Deadline: August 1, 2014

Entry Fees:

The price of each primary entry is $250. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the additional fee is $195 per category. There is a late entry surcharge of $195 per entry for entries submitted after August 1, 2014. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

Multiple Entries:
Multiple entries are accepted and encouraged. A single entry can be entered into more than one category. Please follow the “How to Enter” instructions for each category you will be entering.

Contact Information

For any questions, please contact Marly Zimmerman at

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