UBM Tech has rolled out its latest community-driven platform, this time for its Wall Street & Technology vertical. The interactive hub is targeted at technology investment professionals looking to connect with colleagues and industry experts. This is a next step in the company’s plan to create a digital community for all of its brands.

"We have been migrating all of our media brands to the community-based platform over the past 12 months-the strategy of engaging the tech communities, connecting media brands to our live events and garnering increased insights into the audience content consumption habits is something we will continue to do across all of our media brands," Paul Miller, CEO of UBM Tech tells FOLIO:.

The platform enables real-time interactions through moderated online discussions, blogs, social media network integrations and live events. Engagement is the fundamental goal in the company’s year-old strategy and Miller said there are several factors that help facilitate that. "It’s not one thing but a number of approaches that include technology, the recruiting of industry influencers as bloggers, the management of the comments system to ensure value add to the audience, but at the base is great content in trusted environments."

Over the past year the company has been measuring its most critical engagements and using that data to better serve its audience and increase revenue. "The extra insights we are gaining have led to a more targeted marketing for our events that have increased email open rates 3x to 4x and driven paid attendance," Miller says.

Although the company is launching its communities in stages, Miller suggests that new technologies or behavioral shifts shouldn’t disrupt the model. "It’s not really about the platform, which is very nimble," he says. "It’s about responding to the audience by listing and observing what they are engaging with. It’s a cultural change across the business from marketing to editorial to sales to customer insights and the development teams. If we listen carefully to the communities we serve, they point us in the right direction."