Folio: and min, in partnership with Snap App, conducted a short pre-conference survey, unveiled at today’s Content Marketing & Innovation Summit in New York, that reveals content marketing and native advertising may not be pursued in such a broad-based way among publishers.

As most of the speakers at the Summit noted, we’re in the midst of fundamental changes in the advertising market—mostly in the form of greater interest in custom, integrated advertising solutions. There are plenty of publishers that have not jumped on that bandwagon, however.

According to the survey, which had about 100 respondents, content marketing is a mixed bag in terms of priority. On a scale of one to five, with five indicating the lowest priority, 25 percent of respondents were right down the middle, giving content marketing a priority of 3. Seventeen percent said it was a top priority.

Also, respondents listed a fairly old-school menu of content marketing services, with 60 percent indicating print magazines and special issues, 41 percent noting advertorials and 38 percent citing white papers as the kinds of content marketing they do.

Thirty-six percent of respondents said less than 10 percent of overall advertising revenue comes from content marketing, with about 67 percent, in aggregate, saying 11 percent or more.