Stagnito Media is now Stagnito Business Information. The company announced the new name on March 18, and points to its changing profile as motivation.

Stagnito has been busy since Topspin LBO acquired it in Jan. 2012. At that time, the grocery and retail publisher was growing at a 26 percent year-over-year pace. Also, last year it branched out by acquiring Tesoro Business Media and Carbonview, a research company that focuses on packaged goods.

The company says it wants to better reflect its holistic offerings, which includes print and digital media, research, data services and live events. It’s also complementing the new name with a tagline that reads "Integrated Retail Intelligence." Right now the portfolio is skewed heavily towards media, but the tagline suggests data and research will be a big area of interest moving forward.

Evidence of that is the previously mentioned acquisition of Carbonview last fall.

"While media is essential to our business, our industry-leading brands have been able to take advantage of our extensive pool of strategic resources to provide clients with business solutions that include much more," Harry Stagnito, President and CEO, says in a release.

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