Mariah Media’s Outside magazine has launched a new division that will begin booking the kind of adventure travel it’s long been writing about. Called Outside GO, the group is planning about 25 trips per year with varying degrees of luxury, fitness and experiential elements.

The group was formed through a partnership with adventure travel company Uncharted Outposts. The agency will continue through November this year due to committed travel bookings before fully merging under the Outside umbrella.

Uncharted founders Chip and Sandy Cunningham will serve as CEO and president, respectively, of the new group.

Destinations and adventure travel are a big editorial category for Outside, making the travel business a somewhat natural revenue extension for the brand.

Afar Media, publisher of travel title Afar magazine, has been pursuing a similar strategy with its Afar Experiences, a travel group that books customized experiential trips abroad for limited-space groups that can cost up to about $5,000 per person.

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"Outside has always been about inspiring people to travel," says Sandy Cunningham. "Now, this is their opportunity to try those adventures."

Trips are devised through input from editors and magazine staff, with Uncharted Outposts/Outside GO handling the booking and logistics. "We’re on the trip design and planning side and Outside brings to the table the broader reach with the editorial and media platform," she adds.

Per-person pricing ranges from $2,500 to $8,995. Revenues are split down the middle after expenses, says Cunningham. 

Trips are designed to be highly experiential, but with a fair amount of fitness and adventure built in. Ten trips have been created—a surfing excursion to Nicaragua, for example—that are more immersive, involving a training element. Fifteen other trips are also available that are more "inspirational," says Cunningham, and standardized based on quotes for 2-person travelers.



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