New York—In the 10 years since Facebook launched, it has changed the face of communications and media. In doing so, it also made itself a tool for content publishers for both encouraging engagement and driving revenue.

“We’re content type agnostic,” says Facebook’s Andy Mitchell, director of global media partnerships. “We don’t care about what the content is as long as it’s engaging,”

Mitchell, who was the morning keynoter at FOLIO:’s 2014 MediaMashup event at the Grand Hyatt in New York City today, fielded various questions about the various iterations of Facebook’s prized and highly secretive algorithm. Mostly dealing with publishers that feel the algorithm, in varying ways, rewards some and punishes others. Mitchell cited a few “must do” tactics that  can assist publishers in optimizing efforts on the network.

“In our newsfeed, we optimized for large images [which] impact your distribution,” says Mitchell. “Also, think really hard about the type of content you post to Facebook and make sure it makes sense for sharing behavior on the platform. Even redrafting stories with a small spin may have a big impact.”

However, Mitchell advises against using that advice as permission to try to game the system. You can’t game Facebook, so don’t bother, he contends.

Most importantly, Mitchell says the next big influencer of Facebook is audience engagement via mobile, which is growing very quickly and outpacing many of its bigger competitors.

“Mobile’s becoming more and more core to our business,” Mitchell says. “Engagement on Facebook in mobile is amazing. Our [engagement] numbers are multiples of other social networks out there.”