Hallmark Data Systems, a b-to-b focused fulfillment bureau, has partnered with ePublishing, a cloud-based enterprise publishing technology provider to integrate audience data services. The partnership will offer a new platform-level solution that combines Hallmark’s demographic audience data tech with ePublishing’s behavioral data collection capabilities.

The partnership is a direct acknowledgement of the growing need of merging the various forms of customer data—particularly in integrating behavioral, purchasing and engagement metrics at the customer level.

Fulfillment companies in general have been much more open to third-party partnerships as publishers have begun to drive more data collection efforts and are looking for ways to connect that information with specific customers.

And with bottom-up, made-from-scratch development efforts that are costly and difficult to produce quickly, fulfillment providers are often looking to partner with tech expertise that’s already in the market.

Key to that data collection is the ability to store it in a single repository, and both companies say that this new solution is a data-level integration that will populate Hallmark’s Illume database.

According to a spokesperson, the combined service will be sold by each of the companies.