Condé Nast Entertainment introduced its ninth digital video channel, this time in cooperation with Golf Digest. Like the previous eight Condé brands that have built out video channels, it’s launching with a single sponsor and ventures into original series programming.

Golf equipment and apparel manufacturer Callaway is the brand’s launch partner, and Molly Baldwin, director of editorial operations, says that has been a standard strategy with each of Condé Nast Entertainment’s previous video rollouts. She also suggests that going forward the brand would be open to other advertising opportunities.

This is the first video sports product for Condé, but it’s applying many of its proven production strategies to the Golf Digest channel. But Baldwin says the content is something she and her team are taking the lead on. She also says it’s a mix of service and entertainment that makes the channel unique within the competitive landscape.

"We’re looking for that perfect mix of how-to information, that’s very much a focal point of the brand, but also bringing over the entertainment angle," she says.

She’s also quick to admit there will be a lot of experimentation going forward as they try to pinpoint exactly what the audience is looking for.

"We’re very much in the early stages so we can’t rule out anything," she says. "A lot of it is experimenting with the content and seeing what people like and don’t like. The wonderful thing about this media is we can get quick learning from what works and go from there."

Still, that shouldn’t be interpreted as a "spaghetti on the wall" strategy; Baldwin makes it clear that video is a big part of the brand’s future. "We see a lot of potential with video in our space," she says. "We are considering a serious investment from a content standpoint."

She specifically mentions golf equipment is an opportunity that the brand can "win." A bucket that Time Inc.’s Golf has already dug into with its video channel.


Here’s a sample of the channel’s content: