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Expo's Social Media Boot Camp

Tue, 03/25/14

Where: National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Build Your Community. Build Your Brand.
Expand Your Reach.

The emergence of social media has created major opportunities for trade shows and events. Social networks can be used to market shows, engage audiences, enhance communities, generate buzz and keep participants involved long before—and after—the event itself. More importantly, all of these things offer new opportunities for revenue generation. Attend Expo's Social Media Boot Camp for your blueprint to social media success.

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What We'll Cover:

  • Using social media to supercharge registration and connect reg directly to lead gen.
  • Promote (and upsell) sponsors on social channels and help them connect in meaningful new ways to your audience.
  • Sifting through the social media metrics to find those that are most important to you and your event.
  • Finding the right way to take advantage of social media during the event to enhance the experience for participants.
  • Using social media both before and after
    your event to turn it into a 365-day experience that puts you and your
    show right at the heart of the community and industry it serves.

For more infomation,visit or contact Danielle Sikes at, 203-899-8433.



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