Hearst Magazines Digital Media launched a rebuilt Cosmopolitan.com today and the site’s design and back-end technology reveal how the company will be treating the other brand sites going forward.

Major developments include a ramped up content frequency—"months to moments," as Troy Young, president of of HMDM describes it—a content personalization engine and a focus on in-stream content marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Cosmopolitan.com rolled out first since it’s the biggest brand in the portfolio at 30 million unique visitors, but the framework will be used to update the company’s other brands.

"The changes and upgrades we’re implementing on Cosmopolitan.com, our biggest brand in the U.S. at nearly 30 million UVs, are the first step toward a common publishing platform that can respond to data in real time, and one that we can apply across all of our properties, globally," says Young in a statement.

The site, built to be optimized for mobile, aims to keep readers engaged by constantly presenting content targeting their interests.

As visitors are reading a story, related content is offered up and audience analytics feed a recommendation engine that adjusts content according to a reader’s interests.

The homepage is a focus now that advertisements are built into the content stream and the site is employing a logo backdrop that’s refreshed daily. (Today it’s, what else, kitty cats and a heaving man chest). There’s also a daily hashtag that highlights that day’s top trend, encouraging readers to share the brand across Twitter and Instagram.

The technology is based off of what Hearst Magazines UK created for Digital Spy, an entertainment news site, and a partnership with digital agency Code and Theory.