1105 Media has combined two of its public sector brands to create a centralized resource for its audience of federal employees.

Federal Soup—a free forum for government employees—has absorbed FederalDAILY—a freemium resource for editorial coverage—and relaunched as a unified product.

"This rebranding to Federal Soup more accurately reflects the many federal employee topic ‘ingredients’ we cover," says Kristi Dougherty, general manager of Federal Soup. " Subscribers now have the ability to use all these resources in one website to fully research their federal employment questions, instead of searching multiple sites for news, reference, advice and opinions."

While forum access is still free, 1105 is potentially getting a new revenue stream from the channel. The move emphasizes the value of user-generated content for the audience, at least as an introduction into Federal Soup’s paid products.

Subscriptions for the premium products run $39 annually.